Park's Pectus System

Park's Pectus System

A safe and simple technique for Pectus Excavatum Correction!
Dr. Park has developed simple and safest minimally invasive pectus implants to remodel
the chest disorder. This congenital deformity appears in approximately one of every 1,000 children.
This concave funnel shaped chest can pressure the vital organs, resulting in restricted organ growth
and shortness of breath.

Park's Pectus System

Description ;
Park’s Pectus System is used in a minimally invasive surgical procedure to correct pectus excavatum,
a type of deformity of the thoracic wall, characterized by a concave shaped chest.
This device consists of pectus bar and stabilizer to lift the sternum upwards to lessen the
severity of the deformity.
Park’s Pectus System includes unique and special devices like the Claw Fixator and Hinge Plate used
in surgical procedures of chest wall deformities.
Features ;
Pectus bar’s rounded and smooth ends prevent tissue damages.
It provides with both titanium and stainless bar options
(Titanium is provided to the patients with nickel allergies).
The Claw Fixator stabilizer helps the bar to be attached firmly under the sternum
The Bridge Fixator is the connection between bars and fixed with clips and nuts
Crane combo system makes it easy to lift a sternum and press a flare during surgery
Benefits ;
Minimally invasive technique; no incision in the anterior chest wall, no resection of
rib catilages and no sternal osteotomy
Prevent bar displacement with excellent stability
Best cosmetic result
Reducing operating time
Minimal Blood Loss
Fast recovery

Distinctive Elements of Park's Method

Safe Procedure and Restoring the Anatomical Integrity of the Chest Wall are the Keys to Modern Minimally Invasive Repair of Pectus Deformity.
1 Safety: Crane Technique, Pectoscope (curved dissectting Scope)

2 Pectus Bar Stabiliztion: Claw Fixator for Single bar, Bridge Plate for Multiple Bars

3 Entire Chest Wall Remodeling: Parallel bar, Cross bar, XI bar Technique

4 Relief of Lower Rib Cage Flare and Focal Protuberances after Pectus Excavatum Repair: Flare-buster and the Magic String Technique

5 Pectus Carinatum/Pectus Concavo-convexus Repair: The Sandwich Technique

6 Postoperative Pain Management: Serratus Anterior Plane Block (SAPB)


Park's Modified Pectus Bar

Modified Pectus Bar – Rounded end

Park's Fixation System

Stabilizer – Claw Fixator

Stabilizer – Bridge Fixator

Stabilizer –Hinge Plate

Instruments List

Fixator Driver
Cat #
Fixator Clip Applier
Cat #
Hercules Bar Removal Bender
Cat #
Pectus Clamp
Cat #
Short Clamp
Cat #
Narrow Flipper
Cat #
Table Top Bender
Cat #
Handheld Bar Bender
Cat #
Rod Introducer
Cat #
Introducer Director
Cat #
Bar Positioning Hook
Cat #
Flare Buster Tunneler
Cat #
Fixator Clip Holding Clamp
Cat #
Allergy Test Disk
Cat #
PPM-ATS Allergy test disk, SS, 1 x 10mm
PPM-ATT Allergy test disk, Ti, 1 x 10mm
Template Bar

Easy Crane System (PPM-100)

Pectus Crane Screw

Crane Screw Driver cat # PCS-301

Crane Screw Driver Cat # PCS-302

Compressor for Sandwich Technique (PPM-200)



For more information on Pectus Procedures, Please see on YouTube.